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Reserve, Westdale continue partnership at T.O’s Line 5 condos

Reserve and Westdale Celebrate Start of Construction at Line 5 Condos

How Pharrell Williams Plans to Convert a Song Into Architecture

The singer and music producer tells AD about collaborating on an upcoming residential development in Toronto. The multihyphenate Pharrell Williams is adding to his résumé. Already a celebrated musician, fashion designer, and entrepreneur, the 13-time […]

Pharrell Williams on why curiosity matters

Pharrell Williams is perhaps best known for two things: producing ultra-catchy earworm songs such as Happy, and that enormous, Mountie-esque hat he wore to the Grammys hat a few years back. But he’s also a […]

Untitled Toronto Reflects Pharrell Williams’ Ethos for Living

Pharrell Williams is the kind of guy who brings the best out of others around him. That’s what I learned when he came to town recently to talk about designing a condo: you could […]